Switches for LED profiles

Switches for LED profiles

Switches and switches for LED profiles - why should you pay attention to them when planning lighting?


Switches and LED switches are small, but very functional devices that allow you to control the LED lighting system both by touch and non-contact. Individual models differ, among others, in the possibility of assembly in many places, different power and voltage, as well as materials of manufacture. The use of modern switches for LED profiles is an extremely easy and convenient solution that allows you to manage LED strips by switching on and off. Some models also make it easier to set the light level according to the user's preferences.


A wide selection of the highest quality LED switches for your apartment


The Design Light store's offer includes a wide selection of switches for LED profiles made of excellent quality plastic in various dimensions (31 mm x 8 mm and 47 mm x 9 mm) and IP20 protection allowing installation of devices indoors. The maximum power of switches presented in this category is 60 W, while the voltage is 12V DC. Our products are characterized by remarkable simplicity of use due to the possibility of comfortable on and off using a touch diode or a mechanical switch. Small size switches for LED profiles facilitate installation in various cabinets and countertops in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

 We invite you to discover our offer, which includes the highest class switches and switches for LED profiles.