LED surface mounted aluminum profiles

LED surface mounted aluminum profiles | Design Light

A modern way to illuminate your home? LED aluminum profiles

Functional aluminum profiles for LED strips located in different parts of the room can completely change its appearance and give it a more intimate character. At the same time, the LED strip in the aluminum profile will perfectly illuminate places where the installation of a traditional lamp is not possible. These two key advantages - aesthetics and practicality - determine that aluminum LED profiles with LEDs are increasingly found in the decor of apartments and houses. The wide range of profile colors and shapes available in our store guarantees that every customer will find our LED aluminum profile tailored to their needs. We offer aluminum LED profiles and under-cabinet strips for many applications - our recommended products can be installed under cabinets, on walls or inside cabinets. In addition, we offer some aluminum profiles in several color variants, so you can better tailor the entire installation to the interior design. In our offer you will also find architectural profiles for drywall.

How to choose the right LED aluminum profile? Profiles for LED strips can come in many variants, differing primarily in terms of shape and method of assembly. In order for the aluminum LED profile you buy to match other parts, it's best to choose all products from one line. In our assortment you can find LED profiles in several versions:

  • Aluminum profiles mounted under the ceiling and in corners - in this type of installations, especially the Corner Line and Tri Line profiles will work;
  • Universal LED aluminum profiles complementing furniture, walls and other interior furnishings - in this case, the aluminum profile for the Line LED strip as well as any LED profile representing the Line Mini or Line XL versions will perfectly fulfill its function. Thanks to the rectangular shape, LED profiles can be mounted almost anywhere;
  • Aluminum LED profile for mounting in wardrobes - a product that is worth considering when decorating your wardrobe is definitely the LED aluminum profile in the form of a railing.
  • DEOLINE architectural profile for installation in plasterboards: in internal and external corners and on flat surfaces.

Durable aluminum LED profile with quick assembly option

To attach the skirting board to the wall, ceiling or furniture, no advanced tools are needed - assembly is fast and problem-free. LED profiles available in our assortment can be mounted using special holders, adhesive tape or by screwing to a given surface. Aluminum LED profile mounted, e.g. in a wardrobe or under kitchen cabinets, is easiest to attach using double-sided tape, because in this way the furniture will not be damaged in any way, and the lighting can be easily removed at any time. However, if you would like to use a wide LED aluminum profile, e.g. from the Line XL series, you should consider buying additional holders. This ensures that even the long and wide LED aluminum profiles will be solidly mounted.