Architectural LED profiles

Architectural LED profiles

Lines of light become more common in the spaces around us. Designers use them not only in ceilings, but they are also more popular as elements of walls or floors. They give interiors a modern look. They fit perfectly with wooden slats, raw concrete or classic plain walls. Wide range of architectural LED profiles made of aluminum gives you possibilities to design original and unusual light illuminations. Design Light offer includes both surface-mounted profiles and those to be installed between plasterboards.

Architectural LED profiles for installation between plasterboards

Deoline series consists of various types of profiles for installation between plasterboards. These products include profiles dedicated for corners (internal and external) and those to be installed between two boards on a single plane. Profiles that are definitely worth attention are Deoline Type C and Deoline Type J. They are both designed for installation between plasterboards. Unlike the other DEOLINE profiles, LED strips installed in them emit light which is then reflected off the surface of the profile and does not shine directly at the object. Both of these profiles are ideal for illuminating wall bases or to be placed on the wall near the ceiling. These profiles can also be used to illuminate stairs.

Wide lines of light on the wall or ceiling

Profiles from Astro series provide plenty of space between the LED strip and the cover. Light diffusion is good then and light points are not visible. Japet profile is a good choice for installations between the slats or as an outdoor luminaire mounted on the ceiling or wall. Fobos is ideal as a recessed lighting profile. Wide flange of Fobos will cover up any roughness that may be created while working with chipboard or plasterboard. Japet and Japet XL are also a perfect base for creating pendant LED lamps.

Architectural LED profiles give you so many possibilities of arrangements and use that you are practically limited only by your imagination. They can be used as a base for decorative illuminations, utility lighting or a combination of both.

Accessories for architectural profiles

Design Light offer includes also accessories dedicated to architectural profiles: connectors, end caps and mounting brackets. When purchasing architectural profiles, it is worth choosing the right light source and power supply. All these products are available at Design Light. If you have any questions, our customer service department will be happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.