Accessories for LED profiles

Accessories for LED profiles - end caps, handles, spacers

At the beginning, take care of the necessary accessories for LED profiles

In the assembly of LED lighting, without doubt, the most important role is played by LED strips or fittings, which determine the nature of the installation and are its most visible element. However, to get a unique, fully satisfying effect, you should also focus on smaller accessories that allow you to properly mount the lighting and highlight its best features. Therefore, the assortment includes all key finishing elements compatible with individual LED profiles. Our LED profile accessories are distinguished by easy assembly and durability. In addition, both handles and end caps are available in subdued colors that harmonize with the main elements - complementary components therefore constitute an almost invisible background for LED strips. Thanks to the uniform color installation, you can properly display the lighting.


Do not forget about brackets compatible with LED profiles

Brackets enabling proper attachment of the profile with LED lighting should be distinguished primarily by quick and easy installation. Universal grips recommended by us (matching the Line, Tri-Line Mini and Line Mini versions), as well as products dedicated to specific profiles (Corner Line, Line XL, LED Railing) are mounted using a simple mechanism that requires only sliding the profile into the handle. Importantly, profiles attached to the wall or furniture on this type of holders can be easily removed. We sell accessories in a set with screws.


Functional and aesthetic end caps are also important

Accessories for LED profiles, including all end caps, are made of durable plastic and are perfectly matched to other products from the given line available in our store. End caps ensure an aesthetic finish of the installation, and additionally perform the function of protection against moisture and dust. Most of the products in this category are offered in several colors, e.g. Tri-Line Mini caps can be purchased from us in black, white, gray or champagne