LED strip with led driver - sets

LED strip with led driver - sets | Design Light

What you need to know before buying LED strips with a power supply?

The Design Light online store has many models of LED lighting. Its advantages include, above all, ease of installation, energy efficiency, safety and large arrangement possibilities.
The LED strip with power supply is perfect for both, additional and main lighting.
The lighting model should be selected based on the appearance of the interior.
LED strip with power supply can be used wherever it is possible to connect the power supply to the power socket. Thanks to this, if the concept changes, the location of the light source can be easily changed. LEDs with power supply will work well as backlight for wardrobes or display cases, as well as under the windowsill or in any niche. The LED strip power supply can be easily hidden, e.g. behind a curtain or furniture, thanks to which the cable will not be noticeable. In our shop's offer we have various LED sets with a power supply, both in white and black, so it is easy to match them to the character of the room.

The basis of good and long-lasting lighting is a stable and safe power source.
That is why it is very important to choose power supplies for LED lighting, i.e. luminaires, bulbs or LED strips. A common problem of low quality LED bulbs at 230V, are not LEDs, only emergency power supplies, after breaking which bulbs can be thrown away.
That is why it is important to choose high quality power supplies confirmed by certificates providing high quality and safety for people and the environment.

TÜV guarantees quality!

Design Light offers new power supplies of the Standrad Plus class with TÜV certificate.
These are modern and safe power supplies that will ensure correct and failure-free operation of LED lighting for many years.
Standrad Plus is a certified quality and guarantee of failure-free operation, confirmed by a certificate of international renown!

TÜV is an international quality mark awarded by an independent research institute.
It is the most recognizable symbol of safety, conformity and quality of the product and absence of harmful substances. Products with the TÜV logo are tested in practice and tested for durability.

Installation is also important!

Apart from the selection of the power supply, the place and method of installation is very important - which is worth remembering, too.
Power supplies should be mounted away from the heat source in a well accessible place.
It is also worth leaving a 10% reserve of power so as not to overload the power source completely. This means that if, for example, the total lighting power is 20W, the power supply should have 22-25W or more.

Standrad Plus power supplies are ideal for under-cabinet kitchen fixtures or shorter lengths of LED strips. Available in wide power range.
We encourage you to buy these power supplies!