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What are the advantages of lighting with LED strips?

LED strip lighting gives unlimited arrangement options, is efficient and energy-saving.
Like any modern LED lighting, the strips has no environmentally harmful elements.
It is also easy to install and universal. The advantage that makes LED lighting tape stand out is the wide selection of colors, intensities and lighting programs.
We offer LED strips in our full range of colors - from white, warm and cool, to RGB and BIKOLOR (cool + warm). Depending on what type of LED you choose, the strip will illuminate with a constant color (SMD) or any light color (RGB) at different temperatures.
In addition, you can choose the angle of light application, as well as the amount of luminous flux (lumens) of the LED light source. Design Light strips offers many configuration options. Noteworthy is the premium LED strip range, characterized by high quality.
The super-powerful diodes used in it emit twice as much light as standard strips.
To meet the expectations of customers who value innovation, we have enriched our offer with the latest designs of circuits powered by 24V. They allow you to get even more energy efficiency than 12V LED strip.

LED strips for special tasks.

Lighting with water splash resistance strips (IP45) can be arranged in the bathroom at the bottom of the bathtub or around the mirror. The 12V DC / IP45 strip has an additional gelcoat that protects the diodes against moisture, dust and makes cleaning easier.
If you need an LED strip, you don't have to worry about the high price.
If you want to create a universal arrangement, it is worth betting on a practical solution, which will turn out to be a ready-made set. Such a set usually includes a controller with a remote control, a power supply and a functional led strip.
This option will certainly be more profitable than buying individual products.
New on the lighting market are LED strips without the need for a permanent power connection (powered by internal battery).
They also have a motion sensor, so they are great for illuminating the interior of the cabinet or in the other furniture’s. The battery-powered LED strip can be placed almost anywhere where there is no power connection.
BLIX set - LED strip, power supply and motion is an interesting proposal of intelligent lighting with motion sensor and integrated battery power supply.

Don’t forget about the additions to already purchased LED strips!

We offer complementary articles for our products, such as: remote controls, power supplies, led, aluminum profiles or switches and sensors. By purchasing LED profiles, the strip will be protected against physical factors, it will not overheat and its life will be extended, and will also increase the aesthetic value of the installation. If you dream of creating a unique illumination of your home, LED strips will prove to be a great choice, because they will emphasize the unique elements of equipment, build the mood, facilitate work and rest.