LED stair lighting fixtures

LED stair lighting fixtures

Stair lighting from Design Light - comfort and safety

A properly selected staircase can be a perfect complement or replacement for the base lighting. Thanks to it, it is possible to gently illuminate the stairs in places that are important for safe use, while not having to disturb the sleep of other household members. This solution is also great as an emergency light when the main source breaks down or fails.

Stair lamps, in addition to practical use, also have an invaluable aesthetic function, allowing you to bring out the beauty of even the smallest details contained in a given arrangement. Through them, it is possible to emphasize the shape of the steps, balustrade profiles, gloss of materials or decorative elements placed on the walls adjacent to the stairs. Thanks to them, even the most common staircase will become valuable for the overall composition of the decor. At Design Light, we therefore offer functional, energy-saving and elegant LED stair luminaires.

Comprehensive LED stair lighting and much more

Our offer includes high quality stair lighting. Our stair luminaires are not only intended for use on stairs or as part of floor steps, but also for use in kitchen plinths, halls, corridors and other passageways.

The stair lighting offered by us is available in various colors and finishes, thanks to which you can easily match the right product to the overall decor. Depending on your needs, in our store you can find, among others LED stair luminaires: white, black, made of brushed steel or stylized as antique brass.

Choose a high-quality LED staircase - don't save!

Individual products from the available offer may differ from each other, among others voltage, power, and angle of dispersion of the light beam it emits. Common features that characterize almost all LED staircase lighting proposed by our company include, in particular:

• very low power consumption (energy class at least A),

• simple and relatively fast assembly,

• original design, matching any arrangement,

• emitting light healthy to the eyes.

In addition, some LED stair lamps from our offer have the ability to work with intelligent control modules, which significantly increases the comfort of use and everyday use. When it comes to lighting stairs, for most of our range, we use light with a neutral color temperature in the range of 4000–4500 K. as a standard. We invite you to contact our staff for professional advice.