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LED bulbs - where can they be used ?

In the case of LED technology, bulbs are the most commonly used types of lighting, primarily indoors, but also in cars. Many people replace the traditional light source with LED lighting, due to their numerous advantages. The first of them concerns the fact that they are energy-saving bulbs. They use ten times less electricity compared to a standard incandescent bulb. Replacing ordinary lighting with LEDs is therefore a very reasonable idea. There is a myth that it emits unnatural and unpleasant light. It used to be difficult to find good LED bulbs that didn't cause eye discomfort. These times, however, are long gone, and the choice of intensity and color of lighting is very large.

LED bulbs have many advantages - it is worth using them.

An important advantage of LEDs is that they do not heat up. As a result, they can be used in laboratories and places that require maintaining a precisely defined light color. Replacing bulbs with LEDs is a very convenient solution, because it does not require frequent replacement. The average life expectancy of an LED bulb is 30 - 50 thousand hours. In comparison with the time of lighting of an ordinary bulb it can be even over 5 years (in a situation when the light is constantly ON). At the same time, a traditional bulb can burn out even after 2 months. LED lighting should also convince those who are not indifferent to the fate of the natural environment. Energy efficiency and longevity of LEDs contribute to some extent to improving ecological awareness of people. Although LEDs are associated with high prices, it is not difficult to find cheap LED bulbs on the market today. Be sure to check out our  latest offer!

Is it worth choosing LED ceiling lighting?

Design Light Store offers high quality LED ceiling lighting. Our LED ceiling luminaires will work well in any room in your home, company, hotel or store. Ceiling lamps available in our range are an ideal and pleasant source of light for the eyes.

Although LED lighting is associated more with modern design, a wide selection of products allows you to easily find a solution that will also work well in classic and traditional interiors. Our offer includes both recessed ceiling and recessed luminaires. Our assortment includes primarily comprehensive lighting sets, i.e. those in which you do not need to buy bulbs, holders, connection sockets or a power supply separately - everything is in one set.

Ceiling lights available in our store for the bathroom, living room or office are characterized by a large luminous flux, simple installation and modern design that makes them fit into any type of interior. We provide favorable, competitive prices, fast delivery of orders and professional advice on the selection of products tailored to your expectations.

Are LED ceiling luminaires better than usual ?

Ceiling fixtures are a perfect complement when traditional ceiling lamps are already in the room. An additional light source can be useful during everyday activities, which is why it is used especially in the kitchen or bathroom. However, this is not the only option that gives the installation of a ceiling fixture, it creates a pleasant atmosphere in the living room or bedroom and works well as a source of main light. Each LED ceiling lamp sold in our store is more than just a light source. Thanks to the rich colors and original shapes of the lamps, as well as the best materials used for their production, it becomes a spectacular and stylish addition to any interior. Increasingly, it has a decorative function. It is also an extremely energy-efficient solution. The use of our lamps guarantees a reduction in the use of natural resources by greatly reducing the consumption of electricity and the use in the production of environmentally friendly raw materials and materials. It therefore allows significantly greater savings in electricity payments compared to ordinary lighting, as well as contributes to environmental protection.

Which LED ceiling lights should you choose?

Depending on the location, size of luminaires, number or color, the LED ceiling luminaire gives the room a specific, unique atmosphere. When choosing specific lighting, it is worth considering not only the external appearance of the lamp, but also the color of the light.

In the living room, a ceiling fixture that gives a warm color (2800-3200 K) will work, which resembles the light of a traditional light bulb. It gives the room a cozy character. White neutral color (4000-4500 K) works great in the office or office.

It looks like natural daylight, so it's perfect for work and reading. On the other hand, LED ceiling lights with intense, cold white light of 5500-6500 K are recommended for dental offices or warehouses.