LED lighting sets with led drivers

LED lighting sets with led drivers

High quality LED sets with power supply

The Design Light range includes a wide selection of sets and LED strips. Each LED lighting set is made of high quality materials, guaranteeing an excellent look and above all high functionality of the lamps for many years. We offer sets consisting of two, three and four points, of different sizes and colors, allowing them to be easily adapted to the style of the room.

The LED lighting sets we offer will work well in any building, both in our homes as well as in office rooms, shops or workshops. They will be used as ceiling lamps, as well as surface furniture lighting to illuminate wardrobes, bookcases or display cabinets. The LED set will look good in any interior.

LED lighting set means long life and high energy efficiency

Each single lamp consists of several LEDs that guarantee long life and low operating costs. The main advantage of our luminaires is the ability to change lighting programs using a special RGB controller, operated using a remote control. This allows you to control the color and intensity of light without having to get up from your favorite chair. Importantly, each LED set with power supply greatly contributes to environmental protection. The use of LED lighting reduces electricity consumption, which significantly improves environmental protection. In addition, environmentally friendly materials and components used in its production also have a positive impact on nature. Our LED sets are characterized by simple assembly and connection to the socket, which is additionally facilitated by the included screws and double-sided adhesive tape. The equipment is ready to be mounted in the selected place immediately after removing from the packaging.

LED lighting set for interior design

There are few accessories as versatile as the LED strip included in the set. It also fulfills lighting and decorative functions. LED strips mounted on the suspended ceiling will optically enlarge the room and give more light. They will also be used to highlight specific elements or a specific part of a room, while integrated into a bookcase, bar or chest of drawers with family photos will help to display the objects they contain. The LED strip in the set with the remote control will also work as an additional light source at work surfaces, e.g. on a desk or kitchen table.

A few-point LED set mounted near the sofa and armchair will create a pleasant atmosphere, allow comfortable reading of a book or watching TV, without having to turn on all the lighting in the room. The LED lighting set in the children's room can be used as non-heating, and thus safe, additional lighting. In the bedroom, on the other hand, it is good to install a lamp or LED strip, e.g. behind or under the bed, by the headboard, as well as lighting the interior of the wardrobe, picture or dressing table.