LED lighting for drawers

LED Lighting for drawers

Practical and comfortable - put on LED drawer lighting

Polarus LED strip for drawers is an extremely practical solution that is more and more often found in our homes. Through it, it is possible to precisely illuminate this space, which usually remains in the shade - e.g. desk drawers or under a kitchen counter or inside a spacious wardrobe. Thanks to the led strip, placed directly in the drawer, you will immediately get rid of the difficulties associated with finding documents, tools, underwear or any other objects that until now did not reach a sufficient amount of light.

We offer LED lighting for drawers for every type of room

Due to the small size and fully universal aesthetics, our LED strips for drawers are great in any interior. In kitchens, for example, they increase the visibility of cutlery, accessories and dishes, and also help identify any deeply hidden food products. In the wardrobe, however, they light up all the dark corners of commodes or built-in wardrobes. Used in the bedroom, they will in turn enable a fully comfortable search of furniture very early in the morning, late in the evening or at night, without the need to turn on the top light and disturb the sleep of another person.

The lighting we offer for drawers is also a great idea to use outside the home area. You can use it, among others in offices and in commercial and service outlets such as jewelry stores, computer services or pharmacies, where the increased amount of light inside drawers significantly facilitates quick orientation in their contents.

The most important advantages of LED drawer lighting

The most important advantages of our LED drawer luminaires include, above all, their high degree of energy efficiency and long-term durability and innovation. The LED drawer lighting that we offer you is characterized by:

• simple and quick installation - to properly mount the slats, simply screw them to the furniture body and connect to the power supply,

• included in the kit assembly tray, allowing aesthetically mask the cable and protect it from the risk of damage,

• the use of an intelligent proximity switch that turns on the drawer lighting when they are opened and automatically extinguishes them when they are closed,

• a wide range of available lengths (from 41 to 96 cm), thanks to which the entire range is fully compatible with all standard furniture in terms of size.

In addition, when it comes to our LED lighting, the drawers for assembly can be both extremely deep and relatively shallow. Strips can be mounted within classic dressers or used in any type of other cabinet furniture, such as a TV table with drawers. The selection of the right product variant and proper installation will ensure perfect illumination of the space regardless of its shape and overall internal dimensions.