LED clips and profiles for glass shelves

LED Clips and profiles for glass shelves

Why choose the LED backlight for glass shelves?

Design Light specializes in the production of high quality LED lighting systems, including products focused on backlighting glass shelves. In our offer you will find, among others, the best-class LED clips. Leds for glass shelves are used in every place where you want to get an interesting design effect and introduce a breath of modernity to your interior. Contemporary interior design is often based on a combination of light colors, wood and glass. The latter occurs as table tops and shelves in display cases, display cases, and even in architectural recesses. LED clips for glass shelves are a way to easily and inexpensively decorate the rooms in your home. The LED shelf backlight in the form of clips is recommended for glass with a thickness of 5 mm to 8 mm with matt edges. If you want to put on lighting for glass shelves, but their edges are not adapted to this, all you need is to order a grinding service at the glass factory, and then the effect of blurring the light on the edges will be more effective.

Choose the LED shelves lighting and bring an unusual atmosphere to the interior

The LED clip for the glass shelf is a reliable solution when you want to change ordinary furniture and give it a more modern character. Just put a small LED clip overlay on the back of the shelf, and when you turn on the LEDs will light up the glass edges. Is it worth to opt for LED lighting for glass shelves available in the Design Light offer? Yes, because our products can boast of many advantages. LED clips for illuminating the glass shelf manufactured by our company:

· Provide an interesting, eye-pleasing light effect,

· Are quick to install,

· Have very low power consumption,

· They have a small size and a neat form,

· They have a long service life, which is an investment for years,

· They are available in many colors, which allows you to choose lighting articles according to your preferences

Choose LED lighting under the shelves in your home!

An interesting and varied range of products in our offer will allow you to choose the optimal lighting materials for the furnished interior. We produce LED clips for illuminating the glass shelf in many variants. Buyers will find 2, 3, 4 and even 6-point clips, which allows matching decorative elements to shelves of different sizes. The offer includes metal, PVC and PVC RGB clips. The latter will certainly delight users looking for phenomenal, yet comfortable to use lighting, because using a modern controller and remote control you can manage lighting programs. By choosing from among the available articles LED sets, you get a complete product, ready for easy installation under the shelf. For our part, we provide professional advice and will be happy to help you choose the right LED lighting for glass shelves for your home.