LED cabinet lighting and lamps fittings

LED cabinet lighting and lamps fittings

What is under cabinet LED lighting?

Modern under cabinet LED lighting can completely change the atmosphere in the room. The use of optimal lighting significantly improves the well-being of the household and the comfort of everyday life. We offer high quality LED under cabinet light for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Our products combine high functionality with aesthetic appearance. Under cabinet LED lights are now an essential part of interior design in every home, being a decorative element.

In our offer you can find under-cabinet LED luminaires, both round and square, with a power from 1.5W to 3W. The OVAL DYSTANS 2W model is a perfect solution for mounting above kitchen countertops. This under cabinet LED light will also help to highlight selected places, e.g. in display cases or architectural recesses. The luminaire is available in 5 colors, giving the user a choice of three colors of light. The under-cabinet LED ORBIT XL 3W lamp has 9 diodes generating a light stream with a brightness of 280 lumens.

Modern interiors need under cabinet LED light!

Properly installed under-cabinet lighting will make performing everyday activities, such as cutting, cooking or washing, much more pleasant. Naturally, under cabinet lights will also work in other rooms. The big advantage is their flat shape, which makes them extremely subtle and delicate. The range also includes SQUARE RGB LED under cabinet lighting in a set of 3 points. The included driver facilitates precise control of the lighting program. This model is characterized by high energy efficiency, and the assembly is extremely simple. Under-cabinet lighting from the FOTON 3W series is something for lovers of minimalist design. Pleasantly diffused light with a brightness of 140-170 lumens does not strain your eyes, providing excellent conditions for work. All under-cabinet luminaires are covered by a 24-month warranty.

High-quality under cabinet LED lights is the basis for choosing the right interior decoration systems

Under cabinet LEDs can be installed in many ways. In our assortment you will find a wide selection of accessories for lamps, enriching their functionality. We also have articles for people looking for original solutions, e.g. LED MASTER 4W under cabinet light is a strip with a built-in touch switch. Together with PUPIL models, it creates a complete lighting system emitting a strong, diffused stream of light, either hot or cold. This under cabinet LED light has a 2m cable that can be easily hidden in the back.

Each under-cabinet luminaire offered in the store is characterized by a long service life and is made in accordance with applicable safety standards. Please contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions. Our under cabinet LED lights will allow you to create a functional lighting system in any interior, regardless of its style. Under cabinet LED lighting can be mounted in ready-made furniture or just made to an order.