Extension arm-jibs and LED luminaires

Extension arm-jibs and LED luminaires

Adjusting the lighting makes your life easier

Arranging the apartment in such a way that it meets all the requirements of the household members is not the simplest tasks. In particular, it deals with the issue of lighting. In some places, the light from sconces or ceiling lamps does not get enough or there is just too much light. The solution to such problems is an aesthetically made cantilever lamp. With its help, you can almost freely adjust the distribution of light throughout the room. The design of this type of lamps is based on long cables (2 m) with a mini-vector for easy connection of lighting. The lamp on the boom can focus the light only in one place. Special attention is recommended for the MODUS luminaire, which has a flexible arm, thanks to which it can be adjusted to illuminate even the darkest places.

Where luminaire with extension LED arm works best?

Adequate lighting is essential in every room. However, there are rooms that require much better, freely adjustable light to be able to fully enjoy their functionality. For example, led lamps on a bathroom extension can be installed near mirrors. In this way, you will be able to provide yourself with the additional light needed, for example, to apply makeup or shave your face correctly. Lamps on outriggers will also work in the kitchen. Directing the light above the countertop and next to the sink will make it easier to perform all activities related to the preparation of dishes, as well as cleaning after a meal. CAPRI bracket mounted fixture, available in our store, will illuminate furniture at an angle of 90 °. It gives a pleasant, warm white light (3000 K) or cold (6000 K). This allows not only for unrestricted work, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

Living room and bedroom can benefit a lot from proper lighting, especially when there are shelves with books. LED rack lighting is a wonderful gift for readers. With it, you can find the work you're looking for more easily, and the adjustable arm will allow us to properly illuminate the place where we read. It can be both a distant armchair and a bed. In the latter case, the LED lamp on the boom works great as a modern night lamp.

Simple assembly and energy saving with extension LED arms.

The boom lamp is extremely easy to install. Just attach them to the furniture with two screws and then connect using the mini-detector. Some models, e.g. MIRA bathroom luminaire, can simply be pushed onto the mirror. We also have comfortable lighting mounted on the bed with a built-in USB charger. Our lamps use LED technology, which guarantees low power consumption (no more than 8 W, in most models it is 1 or 2 W) and long-term lamp operation. In this way, electricity bills are no longer an obstacle to using the benefits of outrigger lamps.