marketing materials that will surely help you sell and present advantages of your products

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Are you looking for effective ways to increase sales and present the full potential of the Design Light products in your shop, showroom or at the trade fair stand?

Look no further - we have ready-made solutions!

If you become our B2B partner, you will gain support from us in the form of marketing materials that will surely help you sell and present advantages of your products. We offer:

  • printed and electronic materials such as: catalogs, flyers, posters, etc..;
  • small displays made of high-quality HIPS plastic, to be placed or hung at the point of sale, dedicated to practically all product groups (LED strips, furniture and architectural profiles, etc.);
  • large displays with sales bestsellers or rotating displays made of furniture board with architectural profiles with radio-, 4-zone control devices,
  • samples;
  • banners.

Displays available in our offer

Display unit with furniture profiles 290x510 mm:

Display unit with furniture profiles 290x510 mm:

The free-standing display unit presents 12 of the most popular models of LED profiles dedicated to furniture. There are both surface and recessed profiles included. If certain profiles is available in different colors, such information is also indicated.

There is also a technical drawing showing its cross-section with dimensions, on the right-hand edge of the display, next to each LED profile model.

Display with architectural profiles 270x490 mm:

Display with architectural profiles 270x557 mm:

For companies particularly interested in recently popular architectural profiles, we have also prepared a special display. It features 9 architectural profiles from the DEOLINE and ASTRO series.

Technical drawing of the profile cross-section and its dimensions are also indicated on the right-hand edge of the display.

Display unit with furniture profiles 270x490 mm:

Display unit with LED strips 279x380 mm:

For those who’d like to present LED strips from Design Light, we offer a 279x380 mm display unit. This compact but eye-catching unit is sure to attract the attention of your customers and show them the full range of possibilities created by LED strips.

In order to switch on the proper strip, use a bell-type switch places next to each LED strip type.

Neon Flex display unit 270x435 mm:

Neon Flex display unit
270x435 mm:

In order to demonstrate the possibilities of the Neon Flex LED strips, a free-standing display unit measuring 270x435 mm is an excellent choice.

The black color of the display unit emphasizes the lighting colors of the Neon Flexes. The way the products are mounted allows the customer to touch them and verify their flexibility, as they are permanently mounted only on the top of the display

SMART System display unit
680x550 mm:

With this display model, you can present all the advantages of the smart system to your customers.

The SMART system allows you to connect LED lighting up to 1200W. It is the perfect solution when you want to quickly configure and smartly manage the LED lighting in your home, flat or office. You can expand the system with additional dedicated accessories.

Large display unit
750 x 1100 mm

Sales bestseller display unit is one of the largest display units in our range. It is ideal if you want to present a lot of products in a relatively small space. It is made of durable HIPS plastic and is suitable for wall hanging.

Products present on this display include linear lighting (LED strips, LED profiles - with different diffusers), surface and recessed spotlights, LED controllers, LED switches, LED power supplies and furniture multisockets in the form of graphics.

Display is connected to 230V AC power supply so the person watching the display can test our products and your staff will gain another valuable tool for presenting advantages of your offer.

Rotating display unit with architectural profiles
Dimensions with base:1420 x 600 x 400 mm

Finally, one of our latest yet most attractive additions, a rotating display unit for presenting our architectural profiles. Profiles from the DEOLINE series are shown in their natural environment - mounted in a plasterboard with a presentation of all stages of its installation. Display includes also a dedicated space for catalogues and renders of the presented solutions.

Display is connected to 230V AC in order to fully present the uniqueness of DEOLINE and ASTRO architectural profiles (JAPET, JAPET XL, FOBOS, FOBOS XL).

Rotating display unit with architectural profiles Dimensions with base:1420 x 600 x 400 mm

Why should you invest in product displays from Design Light?

1. Design Light product displays are the perfect solution to support your staff in promotion of a wide range of products such as LED strips, various profiles, LED power supplies, LED switches and drivers.

2. It makes possible to present main advantages and potential of the Design Light products.

3. It will increase you sales - we know from experience that displays attract attention of potential customers and play an important role in your sales process.

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