Lighting affects the way we feel.

Nowadays, few people realise that the vibrant world of colours has a very important impact on our health, mood and even behaviour.  A person needs the right amount of light to function normally.

Living room with LED lighting in 3 light colours. LED lighting gives us a very large colour spectrum, which allows us to freely arrange living and working spaces. We should pay attention to the colours that accompany us in our everyday life.

The appearance of rooms, objects, etc. depends on the colour of light. The right light colour can motivate us to work or help us relax. For this reason it is very important to choose the right illumination. It is especially important to pay attention to parameters such as light colour and luminous flux. The colour of light is given in Kelvin. The current colour classification for LED lighting is

  • warm white: 2700 - 3500K, 
  • neutral white: 4000 - 4500K, 
  • cold white: 4600 - 6500K.

lighting color temperature

In the illumination of rooms and furniture it is very important to choose the right colour, or the colour of light being emitted.

The table below will help you to decide which colour to choose:

Warm white

It is a light of LED diodes, the color of which is closest to halogen lighting. The perfect choice for rooms and furniture in a classic style. It gives the interior a warm and pleasant character, and thus it favors rest and relaxes. If we are looking for an alternative to traditional light bulbs, it is worth considering this color of LED light.

Neutral white

A neutral color, sometimes also confused with a cold color, is an LED color that gives the effect of pure white. It is the perfect light for modern rooms where white is the dominant color contrasted with other colors. It promotes concentration, therefore it is perfect for working, reading or studying.

Cold or cool white

It is an LED color, which is similar to the color of light on a sunny day, slightly falling into blue, hence the name - cold. Perfect for modern rooms. It generates more light than warm or neutral white and is more functional than decorative. Cold white color has a stimulating effect.

Comparison of the color of light: warm white, neutral white, cold white

To sum up: by using a warm light source in the room, we will feel the atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

The warmer the light, the more pleasant the atmosphere and the greater the sense of coziness.

This light is definitely conducive to relaxation.

Colder colors, such as cold white, stimulate us to work and activity.

That is why they are often used in offices and school classrooms. This color is much more stimulating, has a positive effect on concentration and prevents fatigue. It is often used in commercial space in exhibition zones. Objects illuminated with a cold color are noticeable faster by the human eye and appear more attractive.


Colour temperature of light

Colour temperature of light.

It is worth following these tips when choosing the right lighting. It is best to use LED bulbs and other light sources of proven manufacturers with good colour rendering index Ra and appropriate luminous flux, but we will write about these parameters in the following articles soon.

Below we present LED FOTON 3W luminaire in three basic colours of light. We leave the choice of the most optimal one to you!

Foton LED

LED luminaire Foton 3W in three light colours.

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