The perfect lighting solution?

Many customers are often not entirely satisfied with the effect they obtain using LED lighting. They expect lighting with a natural shade, which will well reflect the colors of the illuminated objects.


At this point, the question arises. Should I choose warm white or cold white? Well, in such a situation, when we are not sure of the choice, it is best to opt for a neutral color of LED light.


Neutral white light is between warm and cold colors. It is a bit closer to the cold color, but with a slightly warm glow.

At the same time, it is not so harsh and tiring for our eyes.

Thanks to this, it works very well in such rooms as kitchens, studios or reading rooms.

Advantages of the neutral color:

  • perfect compromise between warm and cold color.
  • natural color rendering of illuminated objects,
  • high light intensity affects the comfort of work,
  • universal - fits into any room,
  • does not tire your eyes while lighting,
  • promotes work and concentration.


  • lighting of rooms that require a lot of light,
  • kitchens, bathrooms, reading rooms or laboratories.

Design Light company offers a wide range of LED fittings, luminaires and strips, which are available in cold, warm and neutral colors as standard.

This allows the customer to always choose the right lighting to suit their needs.

Of course, it should be noted that everyone has different preferences and requirements from the lighting, so there is no ideal solution that would meet the requirements of all users. It should be remembered that the colors of light have different roles in everyday life, which you can read about in another article.

LED color temperatures

LED color temperatures

Below, we present a graphic summary of STAR luminaire in three basic light colours, which will certainly help you make the right decision when purchasing lighting. 

STAR in three light colours

STAR in three light colours

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