LED lighting for the kitchen - a multitude of choices!

The kitchen is an important place for us. It is important to choose the right lighting, especially in the utility area of the kitchen.
We strongly recommend under-cabinet LED lighting, because it is energy-saving, gives us a lot of possibilities for various configurations, and above all, it is easy to install.
Depending on the style of the kitchen and our own preferences, we can decide on:

  • spot lighting (based on LED luminaires)


  • linear lighting ( LED strips in aluminum profiles).

Spot lighting:
If we decide to use spot lighting, the simplest solution is to choose ready-made LED sets, which can be easily installed under the cabinets, practically without interfering with the furniture. The sets are equipped with LED luminaires and in a specific number, e.g. 3, 4 or 5 pieces (points) plus the necessary power supply and wiring with a switch.

We recommend ready-made and easy-to-install LED luminaire sets: OVAL, SQUARE2 or ORBIT from our offer.

Spot lighting

Linear lighting:
This is an option that is gaining more and more followers. It is ideal for a modern kitchen, and the main advantages of this solution are the large number of configurations and the possibility of making it to any length. Thanks to the use of LED profiles, we can illuminate the kitchen worktop in a simple and elegant way by selecting the appropriate color of the LED strip. LED profiles are mounted to the bottom of kitchen cabinets using mounting plates (handles), which are simply screwed to the furniture, and then the profile is pressed into them. It is worth remembering that two types of diffusers can be used in the profile: transparent (it gives a higher light intensity, but the glowing LEDs are more visible) and milky/opal (lower light intensity, better effect of blurring the light of the LED diodes on the surface of the entire diffuser). When deciding on such a solution, remember to properly select the power of the LED power supply for the LED strip used and that during installation, the power supply itself is not installed too far from our LED light source, because it may have a negative effect on the light intensity caused by drops voltage.

Linear lighting

Thanks to the use of modern power supply systems in LED profiles, it is possible to install touch or motion switches, which will make lighting management even more convenient. An example of such a solution may be, for example, the Pupil switch installed in the profile itself. One touch is enough to turn on / off the light. It is a very practical and convenient solution.

The most important feature of linear lighting is that the LED strips can be controlled by remote controls and LED drivers, which in practice gives us various and interesting lighting effects (e.g. flashing, brightening / dimming, RGB LED color changing effect, etc.).

We recommend anodized LED profiles and LED strips from our offer:

Profiles for LEDs, LED strips.

Of course, the topic of kitchen lighting has not been exhausted yet, because there are still many zones that can be illuminated in a very interesting way, e.g. upper cabinets, table tops, glass shelves or the floor. This, in turn, will be described along with interesting inspirations in the next articles, which we will certainly inform about here.

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