Professional LED lighting gives a lot of arrangement possibilities. LED lighting in aluminium profiles is ecological, economical and doesn't take much space so it can be installed almost everywhere.

LED lighting in kitchen

Deciding to buy LED strip without gel, you need to remember that for its proper installation you need an aluminum profile. It protects the diodes from mechanical damage and dissipates the heat emitted by the lighting system, which significantly extends its life. On the market there are several types of aluminum profiles, which are installed in the furniture in different ways - thanks to this every piece of furniture can be illuminated in an original way. Properly installed LED strips will give the interior a modern character, creating decorative lines and highlighting the form of construction. In addition, they perfectly illuminate the working space, which is why they are so often used in kitchens over the countertop.

The most popular models of under-cabinet aluminum profiles.
The easiest to install are surface aluminum profiles (mounted on a flat surface) or angular (mounted in corners). They are placed on special holders. LED strips installed in the profile can illuminate in three different ways, depending on the selected profile model. The most popular is LINE MINI which illuminates straight ahead, TRI-LINE MINI which directs the light at an angle and NEOLINE which enables to illuminate worktop and wall under cabinets simultaneously.

The last of the proposed solutions gives you the biggest room for manoeuvre because you can install not one but two LED strips, next to each other.

Non-standard LED lighting in furniture.
A different type of aluminum profiles are recessed models, mounted to a previously prepared hole in the surface of the furniture. The most popular are INLINE MINI XL and INLINE Z type constructions which are distinguished by low milling.

The result is a practically invisible profile and a beautiful line of light blended into the piece of furniture. Interesting results in interior design can also be achieved with SKYLINE coronal profiles. They are placed in the lower rim of the kitchen cabinet as convenient handles that additionally illuminate the worktop. These types of aluminum profiles are put on or nailed to the board. They are placed in the lower rim of kitchen cabinets as convenient handles, which additionally illuminate the worktop. This type of aluminium profile is applied or knocked onto the furniture board.

Installation of LED profiles is not everything.
It should be remembered that the installed LED lighting must still be connected to the power supply with the appropriate voltage and power. Also, don't forget to choose a convenient controller. High comfort of use is guaranteed by the SELI set, i.e. the RF controller with a remote control. These and other great ideas for a modern kitchen or other interior design can be found on the Design Light website. Let yourself be inspired!

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